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Two big wins for Gonzalez Law Offices

March 8, 2013

This week, Gonzalez Law Office had two successful outcomes for their clients.

The first was on Monday, March 4, when Attorney Deborah Gonzalez successfully gained conditional permanent residence for a client of over 16 years.   After the first marriage back in 1998, the client’s request for removal of conditional status, which was filed in 2000 was denied because the Citizenship & Immigration Service believed that he entered the marriage only to obtain a green card.  The client was placed in removal proceedings, but the client and Gonzalez Law Offices never gave up.  The client eventually divorced his first wife and married his second wife.  Gonzalez Law Offices attended numerous interviews with the client at the Citizenship & Immigration Service offices and hearings at the Immigration Court in Boston.   Finally, after years of fighting, Gonzalez Law Offices obtained a grant of conditional residence for its client.   Although our work is not yet done, we have successfully reached our client’s goal of obtaining conditional residence. In about three years he will be eligible to apply to become a U.S. Citizen.

Our second win this week was on Tuesday, March 5. A longtime lawful permanent resident was placed in removal proceedings in 2010, and charged with being removable based on his conviction for simple assault and battery domestic in Rhode Island from 1997.   The client was placed in removal proceedings after he attempted to apply for naturalization and was denied due to his conviction.  Attorney Deborah Gonzalez argued that the government could not meet its burden of proof that the client had been convicted of a crime of domestic violence pursuant to the federal immigration statute, and made oral motion to the Immigration Judge to terminate the client’s removal proceedings.  After numerous memorandums of law and oral argument before the Immigration Judge, Attorney Deborah Gonzalez’s motion to terminate was granted after the Immigration Judge agreed that the client’s conviction for simple assault and battery in Rhode Island could not be considered a crime of domestic violence pursuant to the federal statute.

Both clients and all the Staff at Gonzalez Law Offices were very happy with the outcome of both cases.

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Posted: 03.08.13

Written by: Deborah Gonzalez