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Guest Blog - We are all the same

I am proud to introduce this week’s Guest Blogger. She is our daughter, Britney Medeiros, and she just graduated from High School.

We are all the same

I was born into the work of law. My life has always been based around immigration work. Since before I was born, my mother worked as a paralegal for several years, before she became a lawyer. Back then her office was known as Audette, Bazar, Berren, and Gonzalez. It wasn’t until a few years ago that my mom and my step dad opened their own law firm; specializing in immigration law. We are all entirely devoted to this job - I mean it is our topic of discussion at the dinner table every night! I’ve always helped out at their office doing the little things here and there. At early age of seven, I can remember my mom taking me to her job and having me alphabetize her files for her. Sure back then I had no idea what any of this stuff meant, or how important this affected many people’s lives, but that’s how it all started. I can proudly say, this work is important to me too.

What surprised me while I was there was all the trouble these people have to go through to be part of this country. Sure they have a mound of paper work to fill out, interviews to do, etc., but there’s also the emotional baggage that comes along. The anticipation they have wondering if their forms were approved, or the waiting they have to withstand to be able to come back into the US, or the separation they have from their loved ones. It takes a toll on these people, and I respect them for it.

What intrigued me while I was there was that, these clients - the same ones that I used to get annoyed with on the phone - are here looking for a better future than they had back home - wherever that may be. These people are just like you and I. They may look different, but don’t we all? They want a better future for themselves and their family. They have hope.

What disturbed me was the realization that there are many people in this country - the same country that isn’t made up of one ethnicity - that are so against others coming into our country. It’s a sad thought and it makes me wonder why there are such people who are against this. We may come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, but we’re all the same.

Posted: 07.17.12

Written by: Guest blogger Britney Medeiros