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Consumer Advisory: Deferred Action for childhood Arrivals Program Ending. Don’t Get Scammed!

On September 5, 2017, President Trump announced that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will be ending. This impacts almost 800,000 young people who entered the U.S. before age 16 who had temporary protection from deportation and work authorization. While Congress may act and pass a permanent protection for Dreamers, here is what you need to know right now: Read more.
Written by: AILA: American Immigration Lawyers Association

Changes to Visa Bulletin Allow for Early Filing of Permanent Residence Applications

The Visa Bulletin revisions implement November 2014 executive actions on immigration announced by President Obama and Secretary of Homeland Security Johnson, as detailed in the White House report, Modernizing and Streamlining Our Legal Immigration System for the 21st century, issued in July 2015. Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez


Alumni Public Interest Champion Attorney Deborah "Debbie" Gonzalez specializes in immigration law and family law at her practice, Gonzalez Law Offices, Inc. Debbie has dedicated her entire career to the service of others. Read more.
Written by: Roger Williams University School of Law

Presidential Executive Order for Undocumented Immigrants

On November 20, 2014, President Barack Obama announced new executive actions he is taking in order to give some relief to the millions of undocumented immigrants now living in the shadows in the United States. The Executive Order will take effect as of January 5, 2015. Read more.
Written by: Deborah Gonzalez

Gonzalez Law Offices, Inc. Update for Month of June 2014

The month of June was a very busy month for attorneys Roberto & Deborah Gonzalez. Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez

Cancellation of Removal Case Granted Without Testimony

It’s not every day, when you have a case where the client has had a long criminal history and a long immigration history, and your Cancellation of Removal case is granted without any testimony taken at all. Read more.
Written by: Deborah Gonzalez

Marriage between an 88 year old and a 30 year old deemed valid for immigration purposes

That is exactly what the United States Immigration & Citizenship Service (USCIS) decided a week ago in one of our cases. I must admit that when this couple initially came in to see me I was totally suspicious and pessimistic. I asked many more questions and requested more documents than I normally would. I needed to know for myself that this was a good marriage. Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez

Advocates find victory with policy change

Providence, R.I. - Like legends, their names are ubiquitous. Talk to anyone about Rhode Island’s in-state tuition policy for undocumented students and it’s doubtless they’ll pop up in the conversation. In Italy, all roads might lead to Rome, but in Rhode Island, all roads lead to Michelle DePlante and Roberto Gonzalez, the all-star advocates for Rhode Island immigrants. Read more.
Written by: mcorina February 6th, 2014

Excited to help another gay couple reach their American Dream!

I’ve been working with immigrants for the past 24 years of my life, in the past 5 years as an attorney, and in these 24 years, on many occasions I had to tell LGBT clients that the law did not permit LGBTs to apply for permanent residency for a spouse or significant other. Read more.
Written by: Deborah Gonzalez

Lawful Permanent Resident Status for Bi-National Same-Sex Couple

In what was only the second such case in the U.S., and first in New England, on July 19, 2013, attorney Roberto Gonzalez was able to obtain Lawful Permanent Resident Status for a bi-national same-sex couple. Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez

Where Immigration Reform is as of May 31, 2013

Last week the Senate Judiciary Committee sent the immigration bill on to the full Senate for a floor vote. The full Senate plans to start work during the week of June 10. The Senate will probably pass the immigration bill not before it goes through a process on the floor. The big question is whether bill will pass with 60 out of 100 votes mostly along party lines, or will it get the 70 votes that will send a strong message to the House of Representatives of the level of bi-partisan support that the bill has. Another question is whether there will be further amendments to the bill. Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez

Getting Ready for Immigration Reform

The Senate’s recent immigration reform bill, Border Security Economic Opportunity Immigration Modernization Act 2013 (BSEOIMA), released yesterday, is far from being a done deal. There is still much that needs to happen before immigration reform becomes a reality. Nevertheless, it appears that the prospects for reform to finally materialize are excellent. Now is a great time for those who may benefit to start getting ready. Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez

Two big wins for Gonzalez Law Offices

This week, Gonzalez Law Office had two successful outcomes for their clients. The first was on Monday, March 4, when Attorney Deborah Gonzalez successfully gained conditional permanent residence for a client of over 16 years. After the first marriage back in 1998, the client’s request for removal of conditional status, which was filed in 2000 was denied because the Citizenship & Immigration Service believed that he entered the marriage only to obtain a green card. Read more.
Written by: Deborah Gonzalez

Deborah S. Gonzalez Nominated by Rhode Island Monthly as Top Attorney

In November of 2012, Attorney Deborah S. Gonzalez was selected by Rhode Island Monthly Magazine as a Top Attorney Rising Star in the field of Immigration Law. Rhode Island Monthly Magazine/Super Lawyer consists of a selection process which starts with a general survey, wherein other lawyers are asked to nominate the best attorneys who are 40 or under, or who have been practicing for 10 years or less. Read more.
Written by: Deborah Gonzalez

10 Facts About the New Provisional Waiver Process

This is an enormous development. The so-called stateside waiver process will allow thousands of immigrants to take the steps to regularize their immigration status. The new waiver provisions do nothing to change the substantive requirement that an immigrant demonstrate that the denial of her permanent residence would cause extreme hardship to her U.S. citizen spouse or parent, but do eliminate the risk of long-term separation that has always been required to even seek the waiver. By relocating decision-making of waivers to the United States and allowing immigrants to seek them in advance of their departure for their home country, this new regulation should reduce the numbers of immigrants without status in a humane way that honors family relationships. Read more.
Written by: Posted by: Roberto Gonzalez

Happy Holidays

All of us at Gonzalez Law Offices want to wish all our clients, potential clients, friends, colleagues and family the very best of this holiday season. May 2013 be filled with love, life and laughter! Read more.
Written by: Deborah Gonzalez

Marital problems can lead to dire immigration consequences

The holiday season is an especially stressful time of the year for family. The stress of gift giving or family gathering can cause a couple to reach a level wherein the police needs to be called. Read more.
Written by: Deborah Gonzalez

Romney would honor DACAs already granted but discontinue the program

According to the Boston Globe Mitt Romney would not revoke DACA cases already granted to young undocumented immigrants under an executive action by President Obama, but he would not issue any new grants or extend the program beyond his inauguration (January 20, 2013) if elected. Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez

DHS Advises On Various DACA Process Questions

HS has advised AILA that its current internal goals for processing of DACA requests are: - One month from receipt issuance to biometric appointment (the first round of biometrics started on September 6, 2012) - Four to six months average processing time for the initial group of DACA deferred action requests. DHS anticipates that this timing may slow down as the volume picks up Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez

Latest from USCIS on DACA

Beginning August 15, 2012 individuals may submit a request for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) . Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez

DREAMers Alert: Forms available

Forms available Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez

Latest News on DREAMer (Childhood Arrivals) Application Guidelines

Individuals who can demonstrate through verifiable documentation that they meet these guidelines will be considered for deferred action. Determinations will be made on a case-by-case basis under the guidelines set forth in the Secretary of Homeland Security’s memorandum. Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez

Latest News on DREAMer fees

According to internal documents marked "not for distribution," which were obtained by The Associated Press this week the Department of Homeland Security described steps that DREAMers will need to take to apply for Deferred Action under President Obama’s Executive Order of June 15, 2012. Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez

Attorney Deborah Gonzalez successfully obtains finding of fact predicate order

Every day minor children from Central and South America cross our borders undocumented and alone. Many children are under the age 16 and travel by themselves with only a backpack on their backs with very minimal food to survive. They travel by foot through the desserts of Texas and Arizona in the hopes for a better life in the United States, abandoned by their parents back in their home country. These children are desperate for a better life, so they leave their countries alone, without any supervision from their parents and make month long trips into the United States. Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez

Guest Blog - We are all the same

I was born into the work of law. My life has always been based around immigration work. Since before I was born, my mother worked as a paralegal for several years, before she became a lawyer. Read more.
Written by: Guest blogger Britney Medeiros

Law Grants Automatic Citizenship to Some Children Born Abroad

We often see cases where a foreign born individual is a U.S. citizen and does not know it. Over the years we have seen many such cases. For example, an individual may have been born in another country and immigrated to the U.S. with his or her parents when he was very young. Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez

Additional Resources for DREAMers Considering Deferred Action

In today’s blog I am providing a list of helpful community and practice advisories related to Deferred Action for DREAMers from community based organizations, non-profit organizations, and industry associations. I will continue to post updates as they become available. Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez

Wake up DREAMers

President Obama announced he was ordering the Department of Homeland Security to not deport the one million plus young undocumented immigrants and allow them to obtain permission to work, social security cards and driver’s licenses. The policy is not the equivalent of the DREAM Act because it does not provide a mechanism for young people to become lawful permanent residents and obtain a “green card” or become US citizens. The policy simply provides qualified applicants a temporary reprieve from deportation which is called “deferred action.”Therefore, the policy is neither a complete nor a permanent solution for DREAMERs. Furthermore,this policy is not for everyone, and there may be cases where even those who appear to qualify are probably better off not applying. Read more.
Written by: Robeto Gonzalez

New Proposal would reduce time that U.S. citizens are separated from families

On March 30, 2012 the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) posted a Notice of Proposed Rule making (NPRM) in the Federal Register that would reduce the time U.S. citizens are separated from their spouses, children, and parents (i.e. immediate relatives) who must obtain an immigrant visa abroad to become lawful permanent residents of the United States. Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez

Go Get ‘Em Gloria!

Our office philosophy is to give back, either by serving our community with our time for various non-profit organizations or by contributing financially. Read more.
Written by: Deborah Gonzalez

Captain’s First Blog – Star Date February 21, 2012

Greetings! Welcome to our new Website. This has been a work in progress over the past year and we are very proud to reveal the site. Read more.
Written by: Roberto Gonzalez