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About Us

About Our Firm

The attorneys at Gonzalez Law Offices are experienced in handling all types of immigration matters, family matters, personal injury matters and criminal matters.  We have over two decades of experience in helping both individuals and businesses obtain expedient and cost effective resolutions to immigration problems and other legal problems.

We assist individuals in obtaining naturalization, authorization to work, political asylum, permission to travel, and change of status. We also represent our clients in exclusion, deportation, removal and cancellation proceedings. We are experienced in representing our clients before the federal courts, the immigration courts, and the Citizenship and Immigration Service.

We care about you and your legal issue, we can help you reach a resolution to a family matter, whether that is a divorce or a custody or child support issue. 

Personal injuries can be stressful on many levels, contact the attorneys Gonzalez Law Offices, Inc. to get the help and assistance you need and make your case as stress free as possible.

On a personal note, the attorneys and staff at Gonzalez Law Offices have a philosophy of giving back to our community, such representing a select number of clients in removal proceedings and family law issues on a pro bono basis. Gonzalez Law Offices has also made significant financial contributions to nonprofit organizations such as Latino Dollars for Scholars and the International Institute and Rhode Island Community Justice, and Progresso Latino.