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Employment Based Labor Certification

The attorneys at Gonzalez Law Offices are also experience in the area of labor certifications through the U.S. Department of Labor.  A foreign national who is working in the United States lawfully with some type of employment visa may obtain lawful permanent residence through an employer sponsor.  The application is filed with the US Department of Labor through the PERM program (Program Electronic Review Management).

A labor certification may be approved if the employer can show that it has a job opening, that it is willing and able to pay the prevailing wage from the date of filing the labor certification application to the date the green card is issued and that after good faith recruitment efforts have been completed, there are no qualified, willing and able US workers to perform the job.

The approval of the labor certification application is only the first step in obtaining lawful permanent residence; an approved labor certification application does not grant the foreign national any legal status in the United States.  However, with an approved labor certification, the employer can then move on to the next step and file a visa petition.