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The attorneys at Gonzalez Law Offices are experienced in handling all types of immigration matters, family matters, personal injury matters and criminal matters. We have over two decades of experience in helping both individuals and businesses obtain expedient and cost effective resolutions to immigration problems and other legal problems.

On a personal note, the attorneys and staff at Gonzalez Law Offices have a philosophy of giving back to our community through pro-bono work and financial contributions to nonprofit organizations.

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Practice Areas

We specialize in immigration law, with the practice areas of:

  • Permanent Immigrant Visas
  • Temporary Work Visas
  • Labor Certifications
  • Removal / Deportation
  • Asylum
  • VAWA

Our Blog

Marriage between an 88 year old and a 30 year old deemed valid for immigration purposes
Posted on: 03.14.14
By: Roberto Gonzalez
That is exactly what the United States Immigration & Citizenship Service (USCIS) decided a week ago in one of our cases. I must admit that when this couple initially came in to see me I was totally suspicious and pessimistic. I asked many more questions and requested more documents than I normally would. I needed to know for myself that this was a good marriage.
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